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Warren Consolidated Schools
Warren, Michigan
Warren, Sterling Heights, and Troy, Michigan
United States
District information
Type Public
Grades K–12
Superintendent Dr. Robert D. Livernois
Students and staff
Students 14,355
Teachers 800
Other information
Website http://www.wcs.k12.mi.us/

Warren Consolidated School District is a public school district serving the cities of Warren, Sterling Heights and Troy, Michigan. It operates 25 schools including two specialized partial-day high schools that draw from the other schools within the district. Warren Consolidated has about 14,000 students and a student/teacher ratio of 25:1.[1] The district was led by Superintendent James Clor from 1999 until November 2007. Dr. Robert D. Livernois took over as superintendent in April 2008 after leaving his former district and district neighbor, Warren Woods School District.[2]


Warren Consolidated was formed in 1942, consolidating North, Warren East, Warren South & William Murthum Schools together - largely forming around Warren High School.


As of 2015 the school district has 15,000 students. Of those students, 3,500 are English learner students, 53% of whom were not born in the United States.[3]

The families of the students speak a total of 52 languages: the most common home languages other than English are (in no particular order of prevalence): Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Chaldean, Hmong, Polish, Spanish, and Vietnamese.[3]

Special programs[edit]

Warren Consolidated alerts non-English speaking parents of disciplinary issues and emergencies using a "language line" system with interpreters.[4]

Warren Con. operates a Performing Arts Center at Sterling Heights High School that draws students from all schools in the district.[5]

The school district also had the Pre Primary Impaired (PPI) special education preschool program, which more recently had been renamed the Early Educational Child Development (EECD) program, but has since been abolished altogether and supplanted by a Special Education Kindergarten program named "Special K" starting in the 2012-2013 school year.

The school district also operates the Career Preparation Center and the Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center, both of which draw students from other districts.

Cousino High School also houses WPHS and WCSD-TV, the district's student-run radio and television stations.[1]


Elementary schools[edit]

  • Irene Angus Elementary School
  • Margaret Black Elementary School
  • Irma Cromie Elementary School
  • Green Acres Elementary School
  • Homer Harwood Elementary School
  • Sven Holden Elementary School (Year Round)
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
  • Pearl O. Lean Elementary School
  • Margaret Susick Elementary School
  • John Siersma Elementary School (Year Round)
  • Maurice Wilde Elementary School
  • Irene Wilkerson Elementary School
  • Willow Woods Elementary School

Middle schools[edit]

  • Agnes E. Beer Middle School
  • Virgil I. Grissom Middle School
  • Lois E. Carter Middle School
  • Will Carleton Middle School
  • Middle School Mathematics Science Technology Center (MS)2TC
  • Middle School Visual & Performing Arts Center

High schools[edit]

Learning Centers[edit]

  • Hatherly Educational Center
    • It was previously operated as Hatherly Elementary School. In 2014 the district announced that Hatherly Elementary would close, with the building becoming Hatherly Educational Center. The center received the Macomb County Head Start Program, the district Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) or "World of Fours", and the district's tuition-based preschool. These programs were respectively hosted at Lean Elementary School and Fillmore Year-Round Elementary School, Siersma Year-Round Elementary School, Holden Elementary School and Siersma Year-Round, and Willow Woods Elementary School, respectively.[7]
  • Annie Flynn Educational Center (Sterling Heights)
    • The center, located in proximity to Metropolitan Parkway and Ryan Road,[4] was previously operated as Annie E. Flynn Middle School. In 2014 the district announced that Flynn Middle would close, with the building becoming Flynn Educational Center. Community High School and Adult Education English as a Second Language (ESL) were to move to Flynn, with the former coming from Butcher Educational Center and the latter from Sterling Heights High.[7]
    • As of 2011, the school had 640 students. Almost 66% of the students were bilingual in English and another language, and the majority of the students were second generations in immigrant families. Former principal Charles Kluka characterized the school's environment as a salad bowl instead of a melting pot. The most common foreign languages spoken at Flynn were Albanian and Arabic. Other students were Assyrian, Bosnian, Cantonese, Filipino, Hmong, Indian, Korean, and Vietnamese, and there were 26 primary home languages among the Flynn students. The school had an English as a second language program with over 50 students, and it provided three interpreters who assist persons during special events held at night and in classrooms during school hours.[4]
  • Butcher Education Center

Former Schools[edit]

Several schools once in the district have been closed:

  • Warren High School - closed in 1992 - current Warren Community Center, owned by the City of Warren
  • Oscar Hartsig Junior High School - closed in 1981 - currently Ben Ross Public School Academy
  • Thomas Butcher Junior High School - closed in 1982 - currently Butcher Education Center
  • Ernest O. Melby Junior High School - closed in 1985 - currently Regina High School
  • John C. Fuhrmann Junior High School - closed in 2003 - demolished in 2012
  • Albert Bever Elementary School - closed in 1978 - currently WCS Administration Building
  • County Line Elementary School - closed in 1978 - currently a shopping center at the corner of 15 Mile & Dequindre
  • Helen Fillmore Elementary School - closed in 2015
  • Robert Frost Elementary School - closed in 1980 - demolished in 2006
  • John S. Haitema Elementary School - closed in 1992 - sold to MISD
  • Robert J. Hesse Elementary School - closed in 1980 - currently an area of condominiums
  • John F. Holland Elementary School - closed in 1981 - used during the summers until the mid-1980s by the City of Warren Parks & Recreation Dept. - demolished in 1993 - currently a subdivision
  • Charles J. Marshall Elementary School - closed in 1980
  • Maple Lane Elementary School - closed in 1980 - sold to MISD
  • William E. Murthum Elementary School - closed in 1978 - partially demolished in 1987, and then totally demolished in 1992
  • North Elementary School - closed in 1992 - demolished in 1993 - currently condominiums
  • William H. Pennow Elementary School - closed in 1981 - currently a business
  • William Pfromm Education Center - closed in 2010
  • Frank A. Rinke Elementary School - closed in 1981 - currently Macomb Christian School
  • Norman Rockwell Elementary School - closed in 1978? - sold to MISD - currently Norman Rockwell Junior High School
  • Alan B. Shepard Elementary School - closed in 1981
  • South Elementary School - closed in 1981 - demolished in 1992 - currently a subdivision
  • Jim Thorpe Elementary School - closed in 2003 - used for Sterling Heights Police Department Training - demolished in 2006
  • Gordon J. Warner Elementary School - closed in 1993 - demolished in 2012
  • Louise B. Weber Elementary School - closed in 1980 - demolished - currently a subdivision
  • Wildwood Elementary School - closed in 1978 - currently Immaculate Conception School
  • Warren East Elementary School
  • Warren West Elementary School
  • Monfort Elementary - Located on 14 Mile Rd. between Maple Lane & Red Run. (closed 1958)

School Board[edit]

President - Susan G. Trombley

Vice-President - Megan E. Papasian-Broadwell

Secretary - I. Susan Kattula

Treasurer - Brian White

Trustee - Leah A. Berdy

Trustee - Susan Jozwik

Trustee - Carl Weckerle


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