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The John Macoun Marsh is a small wetland located on the property of the Beechwood Cemetery, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Under the supervision of teacher Michael Léveillé, the students of St. Laurent Academy, a private school situated across the street from the marsh, have adopted the marsh as a research and conservation area. In 2004, Educarium joined with Jean Vanier Catholic School to continue the work. To date, almost 1400 species have been recorded here.

In 2006, the Macoun Marsh team won international recognition in the Volvo Adventure. The Volvo Adventure is an environmental award connected to the United Nations Environmental Program.[1]

The marsh name honours Canadian naturalist John Macoun, and was chosen by the students of Educarium.

In 2009, the Macoun Marsh team built connections with international youth groups to create the Second International Youth Symposium for Biodiversity. This event brought youth from Barbados, Canada, Honduras, India, Japan, Mexico, and the United States together to share their biodiversity projects. This event was held in Ottawa, Canada. They also began work on a Youth Accord (First written in 2005 in Mexico) to present in Japan for the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010.

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