Macquarie Culvert

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Macquarie Culvert
Macquarie Culvert 02.JPG
Coordinates 33°51′54″S 151°13′1.7″E / 33.86500°S 151.217139°E / -33.86500; 151.217139Coordinates: 33°51′54″S 151°13′1.7″E / 33.86500°S 151.217139°E / -33.86500; 151.217139
Carries Pedestrian traffic
Locale Royal Botanic Gardens, The Domain, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Official name Macquarie Culvert
Construction start 1813 (1813)
Construction end 1816 (1816)

The Macquarie Culvert is a double brick culvert under the original Mrs Macquarie's Road (also known as Lady Macquarie's Road[1]) in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Australia.[2] The culvert was probably built at the same time as the original road, between 1813 and 1816,[1] making it almost certainly the oldest bridge in Australia.[2]

The original Mrs Macquarie's Road ran from the original Government House (now the Museum of Sydney) to Yurong or Anson Point,[3][4] now known as Mrs Macquarie's Point.[1][2] It was built on the instruction of Governor Lachlan Macquarie for the benefit of his wife Elizabeth.[2] There is no other remaining evidence of the original road.[1]

The culvert was restored in 2002.[5][6]

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