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Macri, or perhaps Macras, was a town and bishopric in the Roman province of Mauretania Sitifensis.[1]


This town figures only in the "Notitia Africæ" and the "Itinerarium Antonini". It flourished for a long period, and Arabian authors often mention it in eulogistic terms. According to the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia, it was situated on the Oued-Magra which still bears its name, near the Djebel Magra, in the plain of Bou Megueur, south-west of Setif (in Algeria). The 2013 Annuario Pontificio places it at Henchir-Remada.[2]

In 411 Macri had a Donatist bishop, Maximus, who attended the Carthage Conference. In 479, the Vandal king Huneric banished a great many Catholics from this town and from many other regions of the desert. In 484 Emeritus, Bishop of Macri, was one of the members present at the Carthage Assembly; like the others, he was banished by Huneric.


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