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A macrocell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage served by a high power cellular base station (tower). Generally, macrocells provide coverage larger than microcell. The antennas for macrocells are mounted on ground-based masts, rooftops and other existing structures, at a height that provides a clear view over the surrounding buildings and terrain. Macrocell base stations have power outputs of typically tens of watts.[citation needed] Macrocell performance can be increased by increasing the efficiency of the transreciever. [1]


The term macrocell is used to describe the widest range of cell sizes. Macrocells are found in rural areas or along highways. Over a smaller cell area, a microcell is used in a densely populated urban area. Picocells are used for areas even smaller than microcells. An example of usage would be a large office, a mall, or train station. Currently the smallest area of coverage that can be implemented with a femtocell is a home or small office.

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