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Macrofocus TreeMap
Macrofocus Treemap logo.png
Macrofocus TreeMap screenshot.png
Macrofocus TreeMap 1.98 showing population size and regime type of countries in 2004.
Developer(s) Macrofocus
Stable release
3.8.0 / 2016
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type Visualization software
License Proprietary

Macrofocus TreeMap is an information visualization software package that produces different kinds of heat or tree maps using source data from common software packages (e.g. Excel, Access), SQL databases or online data sources such as Yahoo! Finance. Main features include the easy ability to structure the treemap using categories, to filter by search or value, and to receive detailed information by hovering over or "drilling down" into parts of the treemap.

Macrofocus TreeMap is Java-based and therefore compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (and potentially other operating systems). A Java applet is available for trial purposes. The applet version is also available for deployment in a web-based environment under the name Macrofocus TreeMap Server.

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