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This article is about the band. For the anatomical feature, see elongated labia.

Macronympha is an American power electronics group formed 1990 by Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella in Pittsburgh, PA. Tim Oliveira (Stimbox) and Dominick Fernow (Prurient) have occasionally appeared on Macronympha recordings and live performances.

A great number of their releases are in cassette format, released on various underground labels worldwide including their own Mother Savage Noise Productions. So far they have exclusively played live shows in the US.

Macronympha's trademark sound is the collage of metaljunk bashed against each other, layered and looped utilizing mostly analogue equipment. Macronympha has collaborated with many names from the noise scene, including K2, Government Alpha and The Grey Wolves.

Partial discography[edit]

  • Insane Torture Device (1991, Cassette)
  • Physical Chaos (1992, Cassette)
  • Noise Terrorism (1993, Cassette)
  • Insemination Bath / Radio For The People (1994, Cassette)
  • Naked Denunciation Of Infrasonic Exchange (1994, Cassette)
  • Relentless Agony (1994, Cassette)
  • Ultimate Vibrator (1994, Cassette)
  • Grind (1995, Cassette)
  • Notes From Underground (1995, Cassette)
  • The Spectacle Of Ravishing Our Maidens (1995, Cassette)
  • White Music (1995, Cassette)
  • Ongoing Orgasm (1995, Cassette)
  • Whorechestra (1995, Cassette)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1995, LP)
  • Baroque (1996, Cassette)
  • Collapsing Infrastructure Part 2 (1996, Cassette)
  • Amplified Humans (1997, Cassette)
  • Live Constructions NYC (1997, Cassette)
  • Metal Noise (1997, Cassette)
  • White Album (1997, Cassette)
  • New Noise Loops / Motors And Fine Art (1998, Cassette)
  • Intensive Care (1998, CD)
  • Membranes And Black Holes (2002, CD)
  • Measuring, Monitoring, Calibrating (2006, Cassette)
  • Himalayan Pink, Macronympha / Le Cose Bianche (2017, Cassette)

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