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The Macular Society, formerly known as the Macular Disease Society, is a UK[1][2] charity for anyone affected by central vision loss.[3] The society has 26 employees and 1500 volunteers.[4] They provide free information and support. They have more than 260 Macular Society support groups around the UK as well as a helpline, counselling and advocacy service. They also fund research into macular conditions.

The Society produces an annual scientific journal, Digest, which is distributed to eye care professionals and is also available in large print or on audio CD.


The Macular Disease Society was set up in 1987 by founder Elizabeth Thomas, who was affected by macular degeneration. During 2012 the Society celebrated their 25th anniversary with an art exhibition, award scheme and a series of doctors seminars.[5] At the start of 2013 the Society dropped the word disease from their name and updated their visual identity.

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