Mad Cowgirl

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This article is about the film. For Monster Raving Loony Party politician, see Mad Cow-Girl.
Mad Cowgirl
Mad Cowgirl Poster.jpg
Directed by Gregory Hatanaka
Produced by Edwin A. Santos
Written by Gregory Hatanaka
Norith Soth
Starring Sarah Lassez
James Duval
Walter Koenig
Devon Odessa
Jaason Simmons
Cinematography Spike Hasegawa
James Avallone
Edited by B.N. Lindstrom
Distributed by Cinema Epoch
Release date
July 19, 2006
Running time
89 minutes
Language English

Mad Cowgirl is an underground cult film by Gregory Hatanaka. Hatanaka dedicated the movie to Doris Wishman, who directed 1960s sexploitation films such as Diary of a Nudist, Behind the Nudist Curtain and Bad Girls Go to Hell, and actor John Cassavetes. Mad Cowgirl officially was selected to the SF Indiefest and the Silverlake Film Festival, followed by a limited release in major cities such as New York City and Seattle. Mad Cowgirl was released on DVD on December 5, 2006.


The central character in Mad Cowgirl is Therese, a meat inspector who is dying of a brain disorder. The film follows Therese on her surreal descent into violence, in which men in her life become the Ten Tigers of Canton that she must kill in order to become a better woman.

Victims of Therese's violent surreal madness include her meatpacking brother Thierry, naughty Pastor Dylan, and a Sri Lankan doctor.


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