Mad Dog Rassitano

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Mad Dog Rassitano
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Mighty Thor #426 (1990)
Created by Ron Frenz
In-story information
Full name Julius Anthony Rassitano
Team affiliations Code: Blue
Abilities Trained mixed-martial artist
Master of all firearms
Use of high-tech gadgets

Mad Dog Rassitano is a Marvel Comics fictional character that first appeared in The Mighty Thor #426 (1990). Mad Dog was created by Pittsburgh artist Ron Frenz.

First incarnation[edit]

Mad Dog was part of a human SWAT team, named Code: Blue, that dealt with super-powered criminals.[volume & issue needed] The long-haired, wise-cracking Mad Dog specialized in all sorts of firearms and heavy weaponry.[volume & issue needed]

Code: Blue teammates[edit]

  • Captain Shelley Conklin
  • Daniel "Fireworks" Fielstein
  • Samuel "Mother" Majowski
  • Chief O'Grady
  • Margarita "Rigger" Ruiz
  • Lt. Marcus Stone
  • Aaron Christopher Curzon
  • Andrew "Jock" Jackson

Second incarnation[edit]

Mad Dog returns in Amazing Spider-Girl #4. In this Marvel alternate future title, Mad Dog is completely shaven and now a bounty hunter with his own TV show.[volume & issue needed]

Mad Dog now uses various super weaponry, ostensibly taken from the super-villains he brings to justice – though he has revealed to Spider-Girl that they are only replicas of the villains' weapons, made for the publicity.[volume & issue needed]

Equipment used[edit]

  • The Shocker Gauntlet (taken from Shocker) — when activated by a thumb trigger, can project a concentrated blast of air that has been vibrated at an intense frequency.
  • The Prowler Glove (taken from Prowler) — an extremely sharp steel claw.
  • The Cyclone Belt (taken from Cyclone) — used to create whirlwinds
  • Jump Boots (taken from Kangaroo) — used to jump greater distances
  • Cardiac Staff (taken from Cardiac) — used to produce powerful bolts of electricity
  • Beetle Glove (taken from Beetle) — can stretch and stick to most surfaces
  • Telescopic Legs (taken from Stilt-Man) — a pair of extremely long, telescopic metal legs, which allow him to tower high over the ground


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