Mad Show Boys

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Mad Show Boys
MembersGarijs Poļskis, Martiņš Kits, Andris Lapiņš, Aldis Zaļūksnis, Jānis Vaišļa, Aleksandrs Veselovs, Mister X

Mad Show Boys is a Latvian band. They participated in the Latvian national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Azerbaijan with their song "Music Thief" (3rd place in superfinal) and for Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Denmark with their song "I Need a Soul-Twin" ( semi-final).

Mad Show Boys consists of Garijs Poļskis (Гарри Польский) as leader of the band and songs author, Martiņš Kits as lead vocal (from 2013), Andris Lapiņš as back vocal, Aldis Zaļūksnis, Jānis Vaišļa, Aleksandrs Veselovs,Misters X.[1] Jānis Vaišļa has previously participated in Eurovision with band Pirates of the Sea (Eurovision 2008).


  • Включите улыбальнички! (2011)
  • Sorry for Bad English! (2013)
  • Эпидемия добра (2015)
  • Romantika (2016)


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