Mad Vallis

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Mad Vallis
Mad Vallis.JPG
Mad Vallis, as seen by HiRISE. Picture on right is an enlargement of part of the other picture.
Coordinates 56°30′S 283°54′W / 56.5°S 283.9°W / -56.5; -283.9Coordinates: 56°30′S 283°54′W / 56.5°S 283.9°W / -56.5; -283.9

Mad Vallis is a valley in the Hellas quadrangle of Mars, with its location centered at 56.5° S and 283.9° W. It is 524 km long and was named after the Mad River in Vermont, USA.[1]

Nearby notable features include the Gledhill and Spallanzani craters east of the valley, southwest of the valley is Malea Planum, west is the Axius Valles and north are Hellas Planitia and not far from the valley to the north is Zea Dorsa.


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