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MADARA Cosmetics
Limited company
Industry Cosmetics
Founded July 28, 2006
Headquarters Riga, Latvia
Products Body lotion, Balm, Skin care
Number of employees

MADARA Cosmetics also known as MADARA, is a Latvian manufacturer of organic skin care products. The ingredients include biologically certified blossoms and herbal extracts from the Baltic region.[1] The brand name MADARA is the Latvian name for a common inhabitant of Baltic meadows - Galium mollugo, commonly known as bedstraw or wild madder. Its spatial pattern or fractal is also depicted in logo of MADARA Cosmetics which received the EULDA/WOLDA[2] award and the title "Best of Latvia" in 2007.[3]


The company produces 22 face and body care products made from herbs and flowers harvested in the Baltic region according to organic farming principles.[4][5] Products include cleansers, toners and moisturizers for face, tinted moisturizers, shower soaps, body cream and lotions and products for lips.[6] MADARA products are certified by ECOCERT[7] and packaged in FSC certified, recyclable packaging.[8]


ECOCERT is a voluntary standard, which certifies cosmetics products, attesting to the natural origin of the product. ECOCERT is present in more than 80 countries, performing the regular inspection and certification of eco-products.[9] In order to earn a certificate, the product must contain at least 95% natural ingredients. The remaining 5% of ingredients are strictly regulated, monitoring the presence of minerals, organic acids, and other materials. A minimum of 95% of the plant-based ingredients (for example, plant extracts and vegetable oils) must be biologically certified.[10] ECOCERT prohibits the use of synthetic perfumes, synthetic preservatives (for example, parabens), mineral oil, propylene glycol, and other synthetic raw materials.


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