Madaraka Day

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Madaraka Day
Also calledMadaraka
Observed by Kenya
SignificanceCelebrates Kenya attaining internal self rule
CelebrationsMilitary parades, Festivals
Date1 June
Next time1 June 2024 (2024-06-01)
Related toIndependence of Kenya

Madaraka Day ("Internal self rule" or Self-Governance Day) is a national holiday that is celebrated every 1 June in every year in the Republic of Kenya. It commemorates the day in 1963 that Kenya attained internal self rule after being a British colony since 1920.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Kenya only attained partial independence on this day in 1963 and did not become a fully established republic until about a year and a half later, on 12 December 1964. In recognition of that, Kenya also celebrates Jamhuri Day (Republic Day) on 12 December every year.

Madaraka is a Swahili word for "authority, ruling power".

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