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Madcap is an American pop punk band from Southern California, which loosely formed in 1994. After several line-up changes a solid group was formed in 1999, with original members Lee LeBaigue, Johnny Mastantuono, Alfredo Gonzalez and new member Jake Margolis. In 2002, Ace (J. Johnson) replaced singer/guitarist Alfredo Gonzalez. Madcap currently has three albums, and one split/EP: Stand Your Ground (Side One Dummy Records), Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Madcap split; released on Chunksaah Records (2002); East To West, released on Side One Dummy Records was produced by Ted Hutt (2002); and Under Suspicion (2004) released on their current record label Victory Records, also produced by Ted Hutt. Madcap went on hiatus in fall 2004.

Singer Alfredo Gonzalez has formed a new punk band called The Plexikill. Members in the Plexikill are Alfredo Gonzalez, Steve Vallera, and Rosie Gonce. Lead singer Johnny Mastantuono has a new band called Johnny Madcap & The Distractions.


  • Stand Your Ground (2001)
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Madcap split (2002)
  • East To West (2002)
  • Under Suspicion (2004)


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