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Madden Nation
MN logo jumbotron D1.jpg
Genre Reality TV
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 32
Running time 30 Min.
Original network ESPN2
Original release December 6, 2005
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Madden Nation was an American reality television show, created as a joint effort between EA SPORTS and ESPN Original Entertainment to take viewers inside the world of Madden NFL, a popular video game with over 10 million players worldwide. The series premiered on December 6, 2005 and is currently off the air. The show was influenced by the competitive atmosphere created at one of the top Madden websites

The eight episode series featured the nation’s top Madden NFL gamers—along with real-life NFL player sponsors— playing against each other in elimination-style tournaments. Throughout the competition, the players traveled across the country in the Madden Nation Bus making their way to New York City for the tournament finals and a chance to win the $100,000 grand prize. The final game of both seasons was held in Times Square on the ABC Super Sign.

Coach Cam[edit]

Coach Cam is a mechanic used during Madden Nation as a tool to provide insights into the minds of the players. Before certain plays, the gamers would reveal play selection to the television audience. Often, this mechanic would set expectations and provide a deeper understanding of the players’ strategies for the viewer.

Season 1[edit]

Madden Nation season 1 debuted on December 6, 2005 and ran for 8 episodes. Rob Taylor, a.k.a. Duka (d. July 2, 2007). defeated Sherman Jameson a.k.a. Sherm Sticky to become the champion of Madden Nation Season 1.


The competition started in San Francisco, California where EA hand picked eight of the country’s best Madden 06 players to play for a grand prize of $100,000. These elite gamers were not alone. Each one represented an NFL superstar that had their back. The gamers traveled city to city on a tour bus playing against each other in Madden competitions with two people losing their way into the jeopardy game. The loser of the jeopardy game must then play a free agent-gamer for the right to remain on the bus. In the end, the two best gamers of the bus played one game on the big screen in Times Square for $100,000.


Contestant Nickname Gamer Tag NFL Representative Results
Rod Lane
37, Dover, NJ
NJ Madden baller ROD79 Jevon Kearse Eliminated in episode 1
Chris Jackson
22, Atlanta, GA
Action Jackson Byron Leftwich Eliminated in episode 2
Raymond Goode
33, Waldorf, MD
Shopmaster Shopmaster Shaun Alexander Eliminated in episode 3
Eugene Williams
21, Philadelphia, PA
Big Gene Ahman Green Didn't show up for free agent game
Rod Wynn
29, Inglewood, CA
Reality RealityWynn Dwight Freeney Free agent;eliminated in free agent game
Daniel Grundei
27, Cincinnati, OH
Clark Kent Ben Roethlisberger Eliminated in episode 6
Justin Chow
20, Great Falls, VA
Chow Tony Gonzalez Eliminated in episode 7
Kyle Hustek
24, Detroit, MI
The Gift Roy Williams Eliminated in episode 7 (disqualified)
Charles Smith
25, San Diego, CA
Solution Donnie Edwards Eliminated in episode 7, got on the bus Episode 1
Dan Bertholomey
40, Portland, OR
Packwolf Packwolf Ashley Lelie Got on the bus in episode 3, eliminated in episode 7
Antoin Williams
23, San Antonio, TX
Pretty Boy Larry Fitzgerald Got on the bus in episode 2, eliminated in episode 8 during the semi-finals
David Grant
26, St. Petersburg, FL
Dred Michael Vick Eliminated in episode 8 during the semi-finals
Sherman Jameson
20, Midland, TX
Sherm Sticky Chad Johnson Lost to Duka in the finals during episode 8
Rob Taylor
24, Youngstown, OH
Duka Ed Reed Champion; Got on the bus in episode 6

Season 2[edit]

Billy Wolf, a.k.a. Da Secret, defeated Frederick Amponsem, a.k.a. Fred Dizzle, to become the champion of Madden Nation Season 2.


In its second season, Madden Nation once again documented the high drama of eight professional Madden NFL 07 players as they competed for a cash prize of $100,000. Again, each player represented an NFL superstar, but this time, the gamers began their journey at the EA Sports studios in Orlando. Unlike last year the contestants were paired in teams and forced to support each other or face elimination. On the 12-city tour, they battled each other for the right to stay in the game until the ultimate finale in Times Square, New York City.


Contestant Nickname Gamer Tag NFL representative Results
Richard Thomas
30, Brooklyn, NY
DJ Rhude DJRhudeRT30 Michael Strahan Left in episode 2 due to family matters
Fredrico Williams
29, Wilmington, DE
Rico/Rico Hollywood RicoHollywood Vince Young Walked off in episode 2
Michael Southam
29, Adelaide, South Australia
Aussie Blotto Otto Antonio Gates Eliminated in episode 3, replaced Young Jarvis in episode 4, eliminated again in episode 5
Thomas Tsanadis
25, Orlando, FL
UCF Champ UCF Champ Alex Smith(Tampa Bay) Free agent; eliminated in free agent game (episode 1)
Troy Brown
22, Houston, Texas
T-Roy ALLWORKNOPLAY Edgerrin James Eliminated from the final 8
Robert Warren
18, District Heights, MD
RJ PeteSlash Mario Williams Eliminated from the final 8
Steven White
27, Washington D.C.
Steve O Baby SHAAAWTY Joey Porter Free agent; eliminated in free agent game (episode 4)
Mukala Sikyala Jr.
28, Riverdale, MD
Coach Muk COACHMUK Clinton Portis Got on the bus in episode 5; eliminated from the final 8
Michael McAnany
22, Rochester, NY
Mad Dog MIKEMAC2001 Vince Young Replaced Rico Hollywood in episode 2; eliminated from the final 8
Jarvis Thomas
19, Upper Marlboro, MD
Young Jarvis HUSTLE247 DeAngelo Hall Replaced DJ Rhude in episode 2; disqualified in episode 3 for punching Mad Dog
Tommie Hill
22, Brooklyn Park, MN
Therapist TommyBears Reggie Bush Eliminated from the final 4
Donald Mazzola
21, Bellevue, WA
DJ THE DJ LAB Carson Palmer Got on the bus in episode 3, eliminated from the final 4
Frederick Amponsem
22, Washington, DC
Fred Dizzle FredDIZ Randy Moss Lost to Da Secret in the finals
Billy Wolf
19, Tampa, FL
DaSecret DaSecret Willis McGahee Champion

Season 3[edit]

Season 3 of Madden Nation began airing on ESPN2 on October 9, 2007 at 11PM ET. Airing as back-to-back episodes on Tuesdays, the finale, which again took place in New York City’s Times Square, was televised Tuesday, Oct. 30, with the Madden Nation winner claiming a $100,000 prize. Tour stops in season 3 include NFL cities Dallas, Kansas City, St Louis, Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Boston and New York. The show ended in Times Square in New York. It was between Sirus the Virus, the Rams, and Problem, the Bears. The show finished off with Problem being the victor.


Contestant Nickname Gamer Tag NFL Representative Results
Steve Williams
Sugar Land, TX
Coach YourboyCoach Roy Williams - DAL Eliminated in episode 3
Haaruwn Brown
Mobile, AL
Houseshoe Houseshoe251 Santana Moss - WAS Eliminated in episode 2
Jesse Rhoads
Westville, NJ
J-Rhoads Jonathan Vilma - NYJ Eliminated from the final 4
Brian Delph
Sandusky, OH
Delph Delph419 Shawne Merriman - SD Eliminated from the final 8
Sheila Barger
Fresno, CA
PG-13 littlebitof pg13 T.J. Houshmandzadeh - CIN Eliminated in episode 1
Jet Steele
Tampa, FL
Jet Sonic Boom12 Samari Rolle - BAL Eliminated from the final 8
Charles James
Bloomfield Hills, MI
Hollywood Matt Leinart - ARI Eliminated from the final 8
Van Bernardino
Napa, CA
Prodigy NHFB JaMarcus Russell - OAK Eliminated from the final 8
Ronnie Casey
Louisville, KY
Sirus the Virus Steven Jackson - STL Got on the bus in episode 2; Eliminated in final round
Marcus Phillips
Oakley, CA
Panoramic 5starzboss Larry Johnson - KC Got on the bus in episode 1; Eliminated from the final 4
Eric Wright
West Covina, CA
Problem Snowman Devin Hester - CHI Got on the bus in episode 3; CHAMPION
Rafael Andrada
Converse, TX
Raf SC0rp15 Reggie Wayne - IND Free agent; eliminated in free agent game

Season 4[edit]

On Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 11:00 p.m., ESPN2 began airing the fourth season of Madden Nation, a reality television series in which the country’s top 10 Madden NFL 09 players competed in a cross-country elimination tournament on the Xbox 360 console. Gamers represented top NFL athletes and got the chance to meet their respective pro players along the way. The final tournament was played in New York City’s Times Square for a grand prize of $100,000 and the ultimate title of the best Madden NFL gamer in the nation. Young Nephew was the champion after defeating Dynasty in the finals.


Contestant Nickname Gamer Tag NFL Representative Results
Dan Brown
Troy, MI
Truth Jeff Garcia - Buccaneers Eliminated in episode 2 by KStarr
Anthony Brinson Young Nephew Adrian Peterson - Vikings Champion (beat Dynasty 24-14)
Ryan Glick
Somerville, MA
RG Braylon Edwards - Browns Eliminated in episode 6 by Dynasty
Len Green
Philadelphia, PA
Dynasty Patrick Willis - 49ers Eliminated in finals (ep 8) by Young Nephew
Robert Hart
Philadelphia, PA
40 G's DeMarcus Ware - Cowboys Eliminated in semi-finals (ep 7) by Young Nephew(won in finals)
Jovan Lakey Yomama Darren McFadden - Raiders Eliminated in episode 1 by Dynasty
Toby Merchant
Oakland, CA
T Fonk Maurice Jones-Drew - Jaguars Eliminated in episode 4 by Dynasty
David Stepney
Pomona, California
One9 Drew Brees - Saints Eliminated in semi-finals (ep 7) by Dynasty
Patrick Shaw
Indianapolis, Indiana
KStarr Bob Sanders - Colts Eliminated in episode 3 by Dynasty
Eugene Williams
Philadelphia, PA
Big Gene Hines Ward - Steelers Eliminated in episode 5 by Dynasty

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