Made for Each Other (1971 film)

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Made for Each Other
Directed by Robert B. Bean
Produced by Roy Townshend
Starring Renée Taylor
Joseph Bologna
Paul Sorvino
Olympia Dukakis
Edited by Sonny Mele
Running time
107 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.5 million (US/ Canada)[1]

Made for Each Other is a 1971 feature film directed by Robert B. Bean.

Both starring and written by the husband and wife team of Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna, the film traces the relationship of Pandora and Giggy, a seemingly incompatible couple who meet in a group therapy session and fall in love.

The film was the second screenplay written by the couple (Lovers and Other Strangers being their first), and is also Bologna's film debut. In addition, there are early screen appearances from Paul Sorvino, Candice Azzara and Olympia Dukakis.


Giggy Panimba meets Pandora Gold at a group therapy session on Christmas Eve. We learn that Pandora is there on her 4th emergency session, trying to give up her "symptom" as a failure at everything. We also learn Pandora lived in the Bronx with her Jewish eccentric mother and her philandering father. Pandora's mother was very involved in Pandora's life because her husband was always out with other women and barely paid attention to Pandora. Pandora's mother believes in astrology and often comments to Pandora throughout the whole movie "I made you a Pisces and don't you ever forget it". From a young age Pandora wanted to be a famous movie actress often imitating Rita Hayworth. She grew up and became an interpretive modern dancer and a Jackpot Quiz Clue Girl but gave up both professions to go live in England with her latest boyfriend. When she arrived home early to surprise him, she found him in bed with two other women. She now is making her comeback as a performer at a night club and invites everyone in the session to come and see her. It's Giggy's turn and we learn that he lived in Brooklyn with his Italian mother and father. His father was a barber and often got into fights claiming he "had a little score to settle" and his mother had unrealistic religious beliefs about love. From that, Giggy became a womanizer even getting kicked out of the seminary for having sex in a utility closet. As an adult he had various philanderings with women and we learn the reason he is at the session is because after breaking up with a girl, she tried to kill herself.

Many people (especially the women in the group) think Giggy is a jerk and yell at him but Pandora defends him and is understanding. Giggy asks her out after the session and they end up having sex in his car. While having sex, Pandora accidentally blurts out that she loves him. After that they begin seeing each other and Giggy begins to stay at her house. Giggy really opens up to Pandora and they really fall in love (though Giggy never says so). Giggy meets Pandora's mother the night Pandora makes her night club comeback. Pandora's mother doesn't like Giggy because he is a Capricorn. Giggy and Pandora get into a fight because her act is terrible and she doesn't believe him. Pandora goes home and realizes her act does stink and Giggy tries to sleep with another woman only to find himself unable to get an erection. They make up the next day and Giggy and Pandora go to Giggy's parent's house. Both of Giggy's parents don't like Pandora because she's not Italian and her views are different from their own. This causes Pandora and Giggy to get in a huge fight and break up but Giggy follows Pandora. After a lot of yelling and arguing, Giggy finally admits he loves Pandora and the two decide to get married.

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