Made for Each Other (2009 film)

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Made for Each Other
Directed by Daryl Goldberg
Produced by Sam Hamadeh
Written by Eric Lord
Starring Danny Masterson
Patrick Warburton
Christopher Masterson
Bijou Phillips
Samm Levine
George Segal
Lauren German
Leslie Hendrix
Kelsey Fowler
Kyle Howard
Andrew van den Houten
Music by Ryan Shore
Distributed by IFC Films
Release date
  • April 25, 2009 (2009-04-25) (Newport Beach Film Festival)
  • December 2, 2009 (2009-12-02) (United States)
Country United States
Language English

Made for Each Other is a 2009 romantic comedy, which was released straight to DVD. This is the first film in which both of the Masterson brothers have featured.


Dan (Christopher Masterson) has a problem; he's been married to the beautiful Marcie (Bijou Phillips) for three months, but they still haven't consummated their union. When Dan's sex-crazed boss Catherine (Lauren German) comes on to him during a marathon work session, he crumbles under temptation. Immediately regretting his actions but unable to simply admit his indiscretion, Dan schemes with his best pal Mike (Samm Levine) to get Marcie to wander astray, too. If Dan isn't the only one who cheated, he and Mike surmise, then Marcie can't be mad at him for doing so. But hatching the plan is one thing, and finding a guy who's willing to go along with his plan is an altogether different challenge. Later, as the plan finally starts to come together, Dan discovers the truth about why Marcie has yet to sleep with him, and comes to realize that they may actually be the perfect couple after all.

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