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The Made in Taiwan (traditional Chinese: 台灣製造; simplified Chinese: 台湾制造; pinyin: Táiwān zhìzào) is the country of origin label affixed to products to indicate that the said product is made in Taiwan. As the economy of Taiwan increased production, the Made in Taiwan label was applied to products ranging from textiles, plastic toys, and bikes in the 1980s to laptops and computer chips in the 1990s; over 80% of the world's notebook computer design is made in Taiwan.[1]

In 2010, there was a push by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote certified made-in-Taiwan products in Taiwan, including stocking participating items at major chain stores.[2]

Representative brands of the Made in Taiwan label in the automotive and tire industry include Luxgen and Maxxis. The computer and electronics industry includes Acer, Asus, Garmin and HTC. Quanta Computer applied the Made in Taiwan label in manufacturing millions of computers for the One Laptop Per Child project. Taiwan Beer is another Taiwanese product.


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