Madea Gets a Job

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Madea Gets a Job
Written by Tyler Perry
Characters Madea, Hattie, Carson, Sam, Malik, Rebecca, Sue Ellen, Mrs. Watson, Dalia, Barbara, Carla, Allen
Date premiered March 15, 2012 (2012-03-15)
Place premiered Orpheum Theatre in Memphis

Madea Gets a Job is a 2012 American musical play created, written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry. It stars Tyler Perry as Madea.

Plot summary[edit]

Hard times (and the judge) caught up with Madea and she is forced to come out of retirement to go to work. Remember, since she is still on probation, Madea is not a star candidate for employment. A job at a nursing home would make Madea's employer never be the same after one day.

Songs From the Play[edit]

  1. (Intro) Grandma's Hands: Performed By the Cast Members (Melonie Daniels, Maurice Launcher, Chandra Young, Tony Hightower, Tamar Davis Anthony Tony Grant, Cheryl Pepsii Riley)
  2. Unbelievable Love: Performed By Tamar Davis & Tony Hightower(Dalia & (Malik)
  3. All I want Is Love: Performed By "Cheryl Pepsii Riley" (Carla)
  4. They Just Left Me: Performed By Maurice Launcher & Chandra Currlley Young (Mrs. Barbara) & (Carson)
  5. Say: Performed By "Patrice Lovely" (Hattie)
  6. Run to Me: Performed By "Anthony Tony Grant" (Norman/Allen)
  7. (Outro) I Don't Want Jesus To Pass Me By: Performed By Cast Members (Melonie Daniels Walker, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, Tony Grant, Stephanie Scott Ferrett, Chandra Currelley Young, Alexis Jones, Tamar Davis)


  • Tyler Perry as Madea
  • Patrice Lovely as Hattie Mae Love
  • Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley as Carla, Manager Easy Rest Retirement Home
  • Tamar Davis as Dalia, Nurse Assistant Easy Rest Retirement Home
  • Chandra Currelley-Young as Barbara
  • Melonie Daniels as Mrs. Watson
  • Tony Grant as Allen
  • Stephanie Ferrett as Sue Ellen
  • Maurice Lauchner as Carson
  • Alexis Jones as Rebecca Barbara's Daughter
  • Tony Hightower as Malik
  • Jeffery Lewis as Sam, Carson's son

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