Madeira Day

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Dia da Madeira
Funchal Pico da Cruz.jpg
Funchal harbour.
Official name Dia da Madeira
Observed by Madeira Island Madeira
Type National holiday
Date July 1
Next time 1 July 2017 (2017-07-01)
Frequency annual
Related to July 1 1976 – Portugal grants autonomy to Madeira

Madeira Day (Portuguese: Dia da Madeira), celebrated in Madeira on 1 July, is a holiday marking the date when Portugal granted autonomy to Madeira Island. Although it is only officially celebrated in Madeira Island, Portuguese citizens and also Portuguese immigrants throughout the world celebrate this holiday.

There are several large Madeiran (Portuguese: Madeirense) communities around the world, such is the great number in England, they celebrate Madeira Day.

In 2009 on 3 May it was celebrated mainly by the Portuguese Brit population in England. It was held in Kennington Park, south east London, in the area known as Little Portugal. The Bishop of Madeira, the Portuguese Ambassador, the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Brazão de Castro the Madeira Government, the mayor of Lambeth and Rachel Heywood, Cabinet Member for Culture and Communities attended[1]

In 2010 on 2 May (Postponed until the 3rd due to poor weather) it will be celebrated again in Kennington Park, south east London from 10am to 7pm with food, drink and live music.[2]


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