Madeira Natural Park

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Madeira Natural Park
Levada do Furado Madeira.jpg
Levada do Furado Madeira
LocationMadeira, Portugal
Nearest cityFunchal
Coordinates32°45′N 17°00′W / 32.750°N 17.000°W / 32.750; -17.000Coordinates: 32°45′N 17°00′W / 32.750°N 17.000°W / 32.750; -17.000
Established10 Nov 1982

The Madeira Natural Park (Portuguese: Parque Natural da Madeira) is a large biological reserve in Madeira with a unique endemic flora and fauna. It was created in 1982 to safeguard the natural heritage of the archipelago, and contains a number of endangered species including global rarities such as Zino's petrel. This national park encompasses nearly two-thirds of the territory of the island of Madeira, and within it are nature reserves, protected landscapes and leisure zones. Its key habitat is the laurel forest.[1]


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