Madeleine de Souvré, marquise de Sablé

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Madeleine de Souvré, marquise de Sablé
Madame de Sable.gif
Born 1599
Courtanvaux Castle, Bessé-sur-Braye
Died (1678-01-16)January 16, 1678
Port-Royal Abbey, Paris
Occupation epigrammatist, salonist
Nationality French
Notable works Maximes de Madame la Marquise de Sablé (1678)

Madeleine de Souvré, marquise de Sablé (1599 – January 16, 1678), was a French writer and salonniére.


She was the daughter of Gilles de Souvré, marquis de Courtenvaux, tutor of Louis XIII, and marshal of France.[1]

In 1614 she married Philippe Emmanuel de Laval, marquis de Sablé, who died in 1640, leaving her in somewhat straitened circumstances.[1] With her friend the comtesse de Saint Maure she took rooms in the Place Royale, Paris, and established a literary salon.[2] The class of literature, of which the Maximes of La Rochefoucauld is one of the best-known example, was originated here.[1]

The Maximes of the marquise de Sablé were in fact composed before those of La Rochefoucauld, though not published till after her death.[1] In 1655 she retired, with the comtesse de St Maur, to the Convent of Port Royal des Champs, near Marly, removing in 1661, when that establishment was closed, to Auteuil.[3] In 1669 she took up her residence in the Port Royal convent in Paris, where she died on January 16, 1678.[3]


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