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Birth nameMadeline Adams
OriginAthens, GA, USA
Years active2000–present
LabelsOrange Twin, Plan-It-X
Associated actsDefiance, Ohio, Nana Grizol, Elf Power, Your Heart Breaks, Karl Blau

Madeline is a folk singer/songwriter from Athens, GA, USA.

Lately she has been on tour backed by "The White Flag Band" composed of Jacob Morris and Caleb Darnell on Bass/Banjo/Guitar, Theo Hilton on Keys, Laura Carter on Trumpet/Clarinet, Robbie Cucciaro on Baritone Horn/Trumpet, Jim Wilson on Drums, and Jason Trahan on Guitar.[1]


Madeline began performing her songs in 2000 in Athens, GA, having grown up there.[2] For a brief time in 2001, she fronted the locally popular dance-pop band Sugar Shakers with Tim Schreiber (now known as Timmy Tumble).[3] She self-released her first album, "Kissing and Dancing," in 2002. It was later re-released by Plan-It-X Records. In 2006, she recorded "The Slow Bang" with Matthew Houck of Phosphorescent at his house in Athens for local label Orange Twin Records.[4] On March 10, 2009, her third full-length album "White Flag" was released, having been recorded over a three-year period.[5] Madeline described the recording of "White Flag" to Paste magazine as "totally different" compared to her previous albums:

For my past recordings, I usually sit down with a producer, and I play my song, and then the producer and I accompany them on various instruments. But this time, I recorded it mostly with a full band, so the recording process was completely different.[6]

As of April 1, 2009, she handled the booking of her own shows and bartended on the side.[7] As of 2017, she lives in Atlanta and works in advertising, copywriting and social media, and fronts the band Flamingo Shadow.[8]

Musical style[edit]

Madeline's writing has been described as "lyrics to be pored over," her voice as "haunting."[9] Additionally, the weblog, "Moving Pictures and Random Noises," has described her compositional technique and style of folk singing as such:

Her music is brilliant, and it's not because she has complex arrangements or anything like that. It's brilliant because of its simplicity. She can fingerpick some notes and sing a song about grass and make it sound good. Her voice is just so pure. It's hard to place. It has a classic feel, like a singer off an old folk record. It's clear, light, soft, never intruding, just breezing through your ears. Her lyrics are also simple but honest. They're often cute and witty poetry, with a nice serious edge when she needs them to have one.[10]

Madeline has also been likened to The Softies, Kimya Dawson, and The Carter Family, as well as 1970's superstars Joni Mitchell and Karen Carpenter.[11]


Year Title Label Format Other information
2002 Kissing & Dancing Plan-It-X Records 12" LP / CD
2003 Madeline/The Dead Bird Plan-It-X Records CD Split EP with The Dead Bird
2004 Madeline/Saw Wheel Hill Billy Stew Records 7" Vinyl lmt 500/Gray Madeline's Song: Jailbait
2007 The Slow Bang Orange Twin Records CD
2009 White Flag Orange Twin Records 12" LP / CD
2010 Tour EP Orange Twin Records 7" EP Split EP with Karl Blau and Your Heart Breaks
2011 Black Velvet This Will Be Our Summer 12" LP / CD
2012 B Sides This Will Be Our Summer MP3


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