Coordinates: 25°17′4″N 56°19′59″E / 25.28444°N 56.33306°E / 25.28444; 56.33306
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Madha is located in Oman
Location in Oman
Madha is located in United Arab Emirates
Madha (United Arab Emirates)
Coordinates: 25°17′4″N 56°19′59″E / 25.28444°N 56.33306°E / 25.28444; 56.33306
Country Oman
 • SultanHaitham bin Tariq Al Said
 • GovernorSayyid Ibrahim bin Said al Busaidy[2]
 • WāliRa'ad al-Busaidy
41 m (137 ft)
 • Total2,473[1]
Time zoneUTC+4 (GST)

The Omani territory of Madha (Arabic: مَدْحَاء, romanizedmadḥāʾ) or Wādī Madḥāʾ (Arabic: وَادِي مَدْحَاء) is an exclave of the Musandam Governorate, enclaved by the United Arab Emirates (UAE); inside it, there is a second-order enclave: Nahwa, which is part of the UAE Emirate of Sharjah. Madha is located halfway between the Musandam Peninsula and the rest of Oman.

The exclave is on the FujairahKhor Fakkan road, which is mostly in the Emirate of Sharjah, and covers approximately 75 km2 (29 sq mi). There are two exits to Madha on the Fujairah–Khorfakkan road. This territory is the only territory between UAE and Oman which is not lined with any barrier and there is no border crossing between Madha, Nahwa, or the UAE.[3]


At the start of the 19th century, Madha belonged to the Qawasim of Ras Al Khaimah but the Shihuh of Dibba Bai'ah took it by force some time between 1869 and 1900. From that point, they had been aligned with the Shihuh from Dibba Bai'ah and their leader Muhammad bin Salih. The Madhanis determined that there was no point of staying with him and they needed a stronger government.[4]

In the late 1930s or early 1940s, the leaders of the four rival clans who ruled the Musandam Peninsula (Al Qassimi of Ras Al Khaimah, Al Qassimi of Sharjah, Al Sharqi of Fujairah, and the Bu Said of Oman) gathered a group of village elders of Madha and posed a question as to which sheikhdom the Madhanis wanted to have allegiance to.[4] While all the other villages and towns around them (including the village of Nahwa that is within Madha) aligned themselves with the ruling families of Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah, the Madhanis were swayed by the local representative, or wali, of the sultan of Oman Hamad bin Saif Al bu Sa'idi. The Madhanis chose Oman in the 1930s based on the firm belief that Oman was wealthier, had a stronger government, and would be better placed to protect the village's water supply. The boundary was settled in 1969 and Madha residents' decision to align with Oman made them an exclave of the Sultanate of Oman.[4][5]

Madha is mostly empty, with the developed portion, called "New Madha", containing roads, a school, post office, an 'Eid ground, police station, an Omani bank, electricity and water supply, and an airstrip. There is also a Royal Oman Police patrol.[citation needed]

The population is less than 3,000.[6]

In 2014, it was announced that a museum would be built to house the collection of local historian Mohammed bin Salem al Mad’hani.[7]


Madha is a mountainous area with rugged terrain, and the climate is hot and dry in the summers and mild in winters.[8]

Climate data for Madha
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Mean daily maximum °C (°F) 24.6
Mean daily minimum °C (°F) 13.6
Average precipitation mm (inches) 14

Tourist Attractions[edit]

Water Springs[edit]

In the Wilayat of Madha there are some water springs, such as: Ain Al-Samay, which has a flow rate of three liters per second, and Ain Hajar Bani Hamid, which has a flow rate of about four liters per second.[9]

Sarooj Dam[edit]

The Sarooj Dam, which is situated in the Madha wilayat of the Musandam Governorate, is one of the city's main attractions. Following the recent rains, the dam has significantly filled up, creating a lake of fresh water, making it a well-liked destination for travelers who wish to take in the gorgeous views and the fresh water.[8]

Madha Fort[edit]

A number of historical structures can be found in Madha, including the Madha Fort, which is thought to have been constructed in the 17th century under the rule of Sultan bin Saif Al-Yarubi. The fort is a must-see for history aficionados and a superb illustration of traditional Omani architecture.[8]

Madha Banyan Trees[edit]

In the farming area a group of well-established banyan trees are found. The farming area is watered by falaj system with water coming from the mountain springs.

Madha House Museum[edit]

Muhammad bin Salem Al Madhani founded it and started gathering his exhibits in 1976 AD. Numerous items and antiques from before the birth of Christ can be found at the museum, including pottery, coinage, and agricultural implements.

Inscriptions on stones, fragments of arrows, spears, and other ancient weaponry as well as seals, timepieces, and various Omani rocks are also included.

The museum displays a number of documents, manuscripts, and historical coins dating back to the tenth century AD, such as: a Greek silver coin used during the reign of Alexander the Great, a very small coin with a star made of stone on both sides, and a group of coins that were minted during the Umayyad and State eras. Abbasia.[10]

Cultural Festivals[edit]

Additionally, Madha is well-known for its annual cultural festivals. These celebrations feature traditional music and dance performances, culinary festivals, and arts and crafts exhibitions as they honor the region's rich history and culture.[8]


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