Madhe Ghat

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Madhe ghat waterfall
Madhe Ghat waterfall

Madhe Ghat is located around 62 km south west of Pune bordering Raigad district and in the vicinity of Torna Fort, Rajgad, Raigad Fort and backwaters of Bhatghar dam. The name of this waterfall is Laxmi Waterfall.

It is about 850 meters above sea level and situated in dense forests behind Torna Fort. From this place, you can have a view of vast area such as Raigad fort, Lingana, Varandha ghat and Shivthar Ghal. This place is cold and is a developing hill station. In history, when the warrior Tanaji Malusare died in the Sinhagad battle, his body was to be taken for last rites in his native village Umrath near Poladpur. Tanaji Malusare's funeral procession was taken to his native place from this Madhe ghat route.

The road at Madhe Ghat is quite steep and muddy. Also there are no hotels above and the area is still under development.

You can also see "Lingana fort from Madhe ghat. Lingana fort was used by "Chatrapati Shivaji" to kept prisoners. From Madhe Ghat there is walkable way to Birwadi MIDC Mahad. Most of local people goes to Mahad from Madhe ghat for their shopping purpose. Also at the bottom of the Madhe ghat there is small temple of lord Shiva with small water tank called as "Dev Take". Also you can see one more water fall and historical way at the middle of the right adjacent hill called as "Boratyachi Nal" which was used by Chatrapati Shivaji's army to go towards Kokan area. This area has become a famous spot for trekking. Also you can see Kenjalgad, Raireshwar, Raigad, Lingana Forts, Shivthar Ghal and some part of Wai-Mahableshwar road and some part Mumbai- Goa highway and night scenic view of Birwadi MIDC.If this ghat is developed with a good road,then Pune Mahad distance will reduced by half of its way currently it is taking through Varandha Ghat.

Way to Madhe Ghat from Kelaad village
waterfall at Madhe Ghat falling in deep valley