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Directed byRajasenan
Produced bySamad Mangada
Written byRaghunath Paleri
Mamta Mohandas,
Harisree Ashokan
Music byM. Jayachandran
CinematographyK. P. Nambiathiri
Edited byRaja Muhammed
Release date
24 March 2006

Madhuchandralekha is a Malayalam film directed by Rajasenan. This film stars Jayaram, Urvashi and Mamta Mohandas in the lead.


Madhu aka Madhavan (Jayaram) is a successful playback singer. Chandramathi (Urvashi) is his illiterate, rustic, betel-chewing wife with a bad habit of spitting in wrong places, and they have four children. It can be described as incompatible matrimony but still a happy one. Madhu loves his wife even though they are out of sync because she has brought him luck. Here enters Lekha (Mamta Mohandas), a sophisticated urban model-cum-singer, who finds a place in the hearts of all the family members. Chandramathi thinks Lekha will be the perfect wife for her husband and a good mother for her children. How she goes about her plans of uniting Madhu and Lekha forms the rest of the story.(The film did not succeed at the box office).[1]


The story revolves around Chandramathi (Urvashi), a coarse, disheveled character. Chandramathi has a clutch of equally coarse brothers (Bheeman Raghu, Harisri Asokan, Johnny) and grandma (Sukumari). She is uneducated, dresses crudely and always chews betel leaves. She had in fact fallen in love with her music teacher Madhavan alias Madhu (Jayaram). One day Chandramathi kissed him in public and that incident forced him to marry her. Madhu ends up as a playback singer after his marriage. They have four children - Kaadambari, twins Sivan & Parvathy and Kingini.

It can be described as an incompatible but happy marriage. Madhu loves his wife, even though they are out-of-synch, because he believes that it is she who brings him luck. Madhavan and the kids tolerate her, as she even spits betel juice accidentally on others and is known in party circles as "kolambi".

But things seem to go out of hand when Indulekha (Mamta), a sophisticated girl urban model-cum-singer and an ardent lover of Madhu's music, enters the scene. Lekha soon finds a place in the hearts of the family members. Kids started to avoid Chandramathi because they want a stylish mammy like Lekha. Chandra is aware of their incompatibility in the changed scenario, and attempts to improve, even trying her hand at learning English. At last Chandramathi thinks Lekha will be the perfect wife for her husband and a good mother for her children. For uniting Madhu and Lekha she leaves home with her younger child Kingini. This incident totally changes Madhu's life. How Madhu's friends go about uniting Madhu and Chandramathi forms the rest of the story.


The Korean Movie Called My Wife



The film's soundtrack contains 7 songs, all composed by M. Jayachandran. Lyrics by Gireesh Puthenchery and Kanesh Punoor.

# Title Singer(s)
1 "Chakkani Raaja" Sankaran Namboothiri
2 "Kusumavadana" Kavalam Sreekumar, Chithra Iyer, Saraswathy Shankar
3 "Mallikappoo" K. J. Yesudas
4 "Manassil Viriyunna (F)" Sujatha Mohan
5 "Manassil Viriyunna (M)" K. J. Yesudas
6 "Sukhamano" Afsal, Cicily
7 "Thullithulli" Santhosh Keshav, Vijay Yesudas


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