Madhya Pradesh Power Generation Company Limited

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Government-owned Corporation-PSU
IndustryElectricity generation
FoundedThe Company was incorporated on 22.11.2001 & started functioning independently from 01-06-2005
HeadquartersJabalpur , Madhya Pradesh , India
Key people
Shri I.C.P. Keshari (Chairman) , Shri Anup Kumar Nanda (Managing Director)

M.P. Power Generation Company Limited (MPPGCL) is the electricity generation company of the Government of Madhya Pradesh state in India.


Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Co. Ltd (MPPGCL) is a wholly owned company of Government of Madhya Pradesh engaged in generation of electricity in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a successor entity of erstwhile Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board (MPSEB). The Company, while operating and maintaining its existing units, is also constructing new Power Plants for increasing capacity in the State of Madhya Pradesh. The Company has been incorporated as a part of the implementation of the power sector reform in Madhya Pradesh initiated by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.[1]

Generation capacity[edit]

The installed capacity of MPPGCL as on 01.01.2019 is 6315 MW out of which madhya pradesh share is about 6312.50 MW.[2]

Power stations[edit]

Thermal power stations coal based[edit]

Sr.No Project Capacity Unit MW Status
1 Satpura Thermal Power Station 1330 1×200 MW, 3x210 MW, 2x250 MW All Unit Functional ,1x660 MW under surveying
2 Amarkantak Thermal Power Station 210 1×210 MW All Unit Functional ,2x660 MW under surveying
3 Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station 1340 4×210 MW,1×500 MW All Unit Functional
4 Shree Singaji Thermal Power Station 2520 2x600 MW, 2×660 MW 2x600 MW.Unit 1×660 MW Functional 1×660 MW Unit under construction.
5 Dada Dhuniwale Thermal Power Plant 1600 2x800 MW The project is yet to start due to non availability of coal linkage.[3]

Hydel power stations[edit]

Sr.No Power Station Installed Capacity M.P.Share
1 Gandhi Sagar(5x23 MW) 115 57.5
2 Pench,Totladoh(2x80 MW) 160 107
3 Rani Awanti Bai Bargi (2x45 MW) 90 90
4 Rajghat (3x15 MW) 45 22.5
5 Birsinghpur(1x20 MW) 20 20
6 Ban Sagar I Tons(3x105 MW) 315 315
7 Ban Sagar II Silpara(2x15 MW) 30 30
8 Bansagar -III Deolond (3x20 mW) 60 60
9 Bansagar -IV Jhinna (2x10 MW) 20 20
10 Madhikheda (3x20 MW) 60 60
11 Jawaharsagar Rajasthan 99 49.5
12 Ranapratapsagar Rajasthan 172 86
Total 915 917.5

Two proposed Hydel unit at Chhindwara(2x45MW) and Murena(270 MW)


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