Madhyamam Weekly

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Madhyamam Weekly
Madhyamam weekly cover.jpg
Madhyamam Weekly
Editor in Chief O. Abdurahman
Associate Editor K. Yasin Ashraf
Periodicals Editor P. K. Parakkadavu
Former editors C. Radhakrishnan
Categories Cultural magazine
Publisher Madhyamam Group
First issue February 1998
Country India
Based in Kozhikode
Language Malayalam

Madhyamam Azhchappathippu or Madhyamam Weekly is a weekly Malayalam–language cultural magazine published by the Madhyamam Group from Kozhikode, India. The magazine was launched by Madhyamam on 19 February 1998 as a decennial contribution to the cultural area of Malayalam. The editorial team had at its head noted writer and journalist C. Radhakrishnan. In a matter of about 40 weeks it has established as a forerunner of Malayalam periodical journalism, true to its claim of providing a new reading culture. Besides literary pieces, in-depth political analyses and informative studies in science, sociology, politics and current affairs, it has also made its presence felt through trendsetting interventionist reportage of social evils and the struggle against them. For instance, the exposure of Naxalites having been killed by the police during Emergency was carried out by Madhyamam Weekly in an authentic, first person account by the policeman himself – a disclosure that rocked the state politics and led several groups to sue the Government even in the Supreme Court. Madhyamam Weekly has set new standards of cultural dialogue. It has by now covered issues like tourism, environment, political violence, communal riots, nuclear weapons, sexual abuse and whatnot. It is already a frontrunner among cultural magazines in Malayalam, along with another decades of experience behind it.[1][2]


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