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Madison Business College was the name of a business college in Madison, Wisconsin, founded in 1858. It was also known as Northwestern Business College and School of Shorthand,[1] Capital City Commercial College, Madison College, Madison Junior College, and Madison Junior Business College; it closed on September 22, 1998.[2]

Steiger's Educational Directory for 1878 classified it as, "Institute of Penmanship and Telegraph; Classical, Scientific and Musical Academy".[3] In the mid-1880s, it issued at least two copies of a magazine named The School Visitor.[4]

Notable alumni include Carla Green, Port Edwards, WI, Liberian President and Nobel Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,[5] Wisconsin governor Albert G. Schmedeman, Wisconsin Secretary of State and legislator John S. Donald, State Treasurer, and Assemblyman Andrew H. Dahl; state Senator Albert M. Stondall, and state Assemblymen D. D. Conway, Joanne M. Duren, Hugh Pierce Jamieson, Daniel O. Mahoney, Edward C. Meland, Herbert C. Schenk, and Thomas A. Stewart; as well as C. L. Brusletten, a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives and Charles S. Eastman, a member of the South Dakota House of Representatives.