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MMoCA glass facade "icon".
MMoCA—Madison Museum of Contemporary Art at the Overture Center for the Arts.

The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art — MMoCA, formerly known as the Madison Art Center, is an art museum located in Madison, Wisconsin. A three-story glass facade "icon" on the corner of State and Henry Streets serves as the museum's main staircase, as well as its architectural landmark.

The collection includes Pitahayas, a 1938 oil-on-metal painting by Frida Kahlo.


MMoCA has four gallery spaces:

  • The State Street Gallery is directly off of the museum lobby and has a window directly onto State Street.
  • The Henry Street Gallery showcases a rotating selection from the Museum's collections, and is accessible from the Henry Street side of the museum, as well as from the lobby.
  • The main galleries are the largest exhibition space, located up the beautiful glass stairway, on the second floor.
  • Also on the second floor, is the Imprint Gallery, which provides an immersive environment for artwork based on film or sound.

In addition to these galleries, MMoCA displays art in the lobby and in the Rooftop Sculpture Garden. The museum lecture hall serves as a theater for the Spotlight film series. Other museum highlights include the Fresco restaurant and a museum store.

Admission and funding[edit]

MMoCA glass facade.

MMoCA is free to the public. The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art obtains most of its funding from museum memberships, the annual Art Fair on the Square, and also private gifts and donations to the collection.

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