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Madison Young
Madison Young.jpg
Young in 2011
Tina Butcher[1]

September 20, 1980 (1980-09-20) (age 40)
Loveland, Ohio, U.S.
Height5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)

Madison Young, born Tina Butcher (born September 20, 1980),[1] is an American pornographic actress, director, bondage model,[2][3] published writer, sexual educator and founder of Femina Potens Art Gallery, a nonprofit art gallery and performance space in San Francisco that serves the LGBTQ and Kink communities.[1]:224


Young first entered the world of erotic filmmaking as a performer in 2002, then started directing films in 2005.[4]

Young is a noted expert on sex, BDSM, and sexual power dynamics. She has been interviewed multiple times by Jincey Lumpkin for the Huffington Post,[5][6][7],[8] The Rumpus,[9] and[10][11][12][13]

Young has taught workshops, given lectures, and acted as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminist porn studies, and the politics of BDSM at institutions such as Yale University, Hampshire College, Northwestern University, University of Toronto, University of Minnesota, UC Berkeley, and the Berlin Porn Film Festival.[14][15] She is the founder of the Erotic Film School, a three-day erotic filmmaking training program held in San Francisco, CA, that introduces students to the pre-production, production, and post-production process of making erotic film.[16] Young is also the curator for the Askew Festival, a three-evening "experimental, interactive exploration of performance, activism, and counterculture through documentary and experimental film coupled with performance art, readings, and dance" that takes place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, CA.[17]

Young has been featured, for her work in feminist pornography as well as a queer activism, in Bitch and Curve magazines, and was on the cover of the sex worker activist magazine $pread. Young has been seen on television programs on the Independent Film Channel, the History Channel, MTV's Logo, Fusion TV with Alicia Menendez,[18] Season 1 Episode 6 of Extreme Guide to Parenting on Bravo TV, discussing her feminist, body positive and gender neutral views on parenting,[19] and in documentary feature films. In late 2009, Young was profiled in the HBO series Real Sex. The episode Real Sex 33: Stocks Down, Sex Up followed her through her daily life as an adult model and art gallery director.[20] In 2011 she was one of the protagonists of Too Much Pussy!, a docudrama film directed by Emilie Jouvet and Wendy Delorme that follows the journey through Europe, from Berlin to Malmö, of a group of six entertainers who are all members of the sex-positive movement.[21][22][23]

Young's work has been written about in The Feminist Porn Book: The Politics of Producing Pleasure,[24] on,[25][26][27] Curve Magazine,[28] and XBIZ Newswire.[29] MSNBC journalist Brian Alexander devoted a chapter of his 2008 book America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction to Young, and French film director Virginie Despentes featured Young in the 2009 documentary Mutantes (Féminisme Porno Punk).[1][30]

Young published her memoir Daddy in 2014, with a foreword by feminist porn star and artist Annie Sprinkle.[31] Her writing has also been published in anthologies including The Ultimate Guide to Kink: BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge,[32] Ropes, Bondage, and Power: Power Exchange Books' Resource Series,[33] Johns, Marks, Tricks and Chickenhawks: Professionals and Their Clients Writing about Each Other,[34] Best Sex Writing 2013: The State of Today's Sexual Culture,[35] and In/Soumises contes cruels au feminine.[36] Her writing has also been published in the Routledge Porn Studies Journal,[37],[38] On Our Backs and Girlfriends Magazine.[39]

Young has been a cover girl and/or feature subject for Hustler, Taboo and On Our Backs magazines, and been featured in print and radio internationally. She was famous as a bondage model on the site[40] She has received awards for her bondage and suspension work and has been called "an auteur to be reckoned with" by AVN.[41]

Young has received six Feminist Porn Awards, including "Hottest Kink Film" for Bondage Boob Tube (2008), "Hottest Kink Film" for Pervesions of Lesbian Lust, Vol. 1 (2009), "Indie Porn Pioneer" (2009), "Best Bisexual Film" for Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality (2010), "Hottest Kink Film" for 50 Shades of Dylan Ryan (2013), and "Best Lesbian Vignettes" for Women Reclaiming Sex on Film (2014).[42] She was also awarded "Best BDSM Release" by AEBN (Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network) for Perversions of Lesbian Lust, Vol. 1 in 2010.[43]

Personal life[edit]

Young attended Antioch College.[44] She lives with James Mogul, an adult film director, BDSM educator and photographer.[1]:228 In 2011, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, and her second, a daughter, in 2016.[25] Young uses the term "queer" for her sexual orientation.[1]


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