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Madita Jazz-Fest-Wien 2008b.jpg
Performing in Vienna, 2008
Background information
Birth nameEdita Malovčić
Born (1978-01-21) 21 January 1978 (age 41)
Vienna, Austria
Years active2002–present
LabelsCouch Records

Edita Malovčić (born 21 January 1978), known by her stage name Madita, is an Austrian singer and actress of Bosnian descent. Her father is Bosnian folk singer Kemal Malovčić. Madita's music ranges from synthpop to R&B to jazz.[1]

Early life[edit]

Born Edita Malovčić in Vienna, the daughter of Bosnian folk singer Kemal Malovčić from his first marriage to a Serbian woman.[2][3] Madita has stated that she has not been in contact with her father for many years and that she has "no good memories" of him.[4]


Acting career[edit]

She studied musicology and took private acting-lessons. In 1999 she acted in the Austrian film Nordrand, which won many awards. The film's subject was the Bosnian War. After her first success she played in many films, such as Berlin Is In Germany (2001), Kaltfront (2003), Želary (2003) and Vier Minuten (2006). And she also played characters in TV series SOKO Kitzbühel, Inspector Rex and Medicopter 117.

Music career[edit]

The first time she acted as a singer was in 2002, when she sang for the duo dZihan & Kamien and their album Gran Riserva. Her first solo album Madita was released in 2005. In December 2005 the album was also released on the iTunes Music Store, where she reached the top 3 of the "Electronic Album Chart". Months later she also reached many charts in other countries. Her biggest "download success" was reaching number 1 in the UK World Music iTunes chart. In 2007, the song "Ceylon" from this album was featured on an episode of Damages.

In 2008 she released her second album Too in Austria. In the US the album was released on March 28, 2008, it is also available on the iTunes Store. Two years later, Madita released "Flavours", a nine track album with five previously unreleased tracks, and four remixed tracks. The album has a total run-time of 50 minutes and was released under Gran Depot Music label. The album was also part of a larger collection, titled "Madita Deluxe" which featured a large collection of most of Madita's previous and new songs.[5]

Personal life[edit]

Madita has a son (born c. 2003).[6]


TV series

  • 2000: Medicopter 117, Kommissar Rex, Julia, eine ungewöhnliche Frau, Der Briefbomber
  • 2001: Der Ermittler, Medicopter 117, SOKO Kitzbühel, Inspector Rex
  • 2002: Inspektor Rolle, Inspector Rex, Medicopter 117
  • 2004: Ein Starkes Team - "Zahn der Zeit", Ein Starkes Team - "Sippenhaft"
  • 2005: Tatort - "Schneetreiben", Ein Starkes Team - "Zahn um Zahn"
  • 2006: Zodiak
  • 2007: Tatort - "Der Finger"
  • 2015: Altes Geld
  • 2016: Tatort - "Im gelobten Land"



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