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A view of Busietta Gardens in Madliena
Entrance to Fort Madalena

Madliena (formerly spelt Madalena, Maltese: Il-Madliena) is an area in Swieqi, Malta. It takes its name from a chapel dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, which was built in the area in 1490. The chapel was used as a watch post by Maltese insurgents during the French blockade of 1798–1800. It was demolished by the British military in 1880 to make way for Fort Madalena, one of the forts of the Victoria Lines. A new chapel was built nearby to replace the one demolished.[1]

Today, Madliena is a residential area, and it is home to many villas, bungalows, luxury apartments and maisonettes. It is close to the tourist area of St. Paul's Bay and Malta's main entertainment district of St. Julian's.[2]

A 17th-century tower known as the Madliena Tower is located on the coastline close to Madliena, although it falls within the limits of Pembroke not Swieqi.[3]

The red letter "M" on the coat of arms of Swieqi represents Madliena.[4]

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Coordinates: 35°55′15″N 14°28′48″E / 35.92083°N 14.48000°E / 35.92083; 14.48000