Mado Lamotte

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Mado Lamotte
Mado Lamotte by Joe Sioufi.jpg
Mado Lamotte at "Cabaret Mado"
Born Luc Provost
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Drag Queen
Years active 1990 - present
Spouse(s) Shirley (her lesbian cat)

Mado Lamotte, the stage name of Luc Provost, is a Montreal drag queen, author, singer and gay community personality.


Lamotte has been performing for 30 years as of summer 2017.[1] She was a longtime[vague] MC and DJ of Ciel Mon Mardi at Sky, before opening her own drag cabaret, Cabaret Mado, in Montreal's Gay Village in 2002. She usually only lip-synchs the opening number, preferring to simply DJ (on certain nights) and bring her comedy talents to bear as MC though she occasionally favours her audience by singing live.

Lamotte is also an author, writing a weekly column for the Ici weekly newspaper and a monthly article for the Fugues gay and lesbian newsmagazine. In 2000, she published a collection of her columns entitled Tu vois ben qu'est folle (She's obviously crazy).

She has also released in 1996 a single (Le Rap A Minifée), had a cameo appearance in the 2003 movie Saved by the Belles, and starred in the 2007 play Saving Céline, in which she (credited as Mado Lamotte, not Luc Provost) portrayed a drag queen obsessed by Céline Dion who becomes embroiled in a murder plot against the singer.

Lamotte's Full Mado - Le Remix Album was produced by Montreal's producer/remixer ErekMcQueen. The album is a mixture of songs from the 70's, 80's & 90's, remixed in different modern styles with rewritten lyrics from Lamotte. The album was somewhat a good enough succes to consider doing another.

In june of 2018, after SHORT talks, and especially SEVERAL HARSH words from Mado herself, longtime friend and producer ErekMcQueen pulled the plug towards any sort of future projects with Luc Provost (Mado), considering him of bad faith, accusing him of still having unreasolved issues, 'destroying little chances of doing the kind of magic' both artists, now estranged people, would ever be able to accomplished with truth, fun, and sheer, fun, crazyness; like on the first album. ErekMcQueen stated: I put thousands of hours making this 'singer' sound remotely decent. I do not have that strenght nor energy anymore"!

ON August 12, 2017, as a part of Fierté Montréal Canada, Mado celebrates her 30 years of career through a free show at the Parc des faubourgs in Montréal.[2]


  • 2010 : Full Mado: Le Remix Album : Mado Lamotte : Select Distribution
  • 1996 : Le Rap A Minifée - CD Single : Mado Lamotte : Select Distribution



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