Madonna with Child and Saints (Filippino Lippi)

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Madonna with Child and Saints
Filippino Lippi Santo Spirito.jpg
Artist Filippino Lippi
Year 1488
Medium Oil on panel
Dimensions 160 cm × 180 cm (63 in × 71 in)
Location Santo Spirito, Florence

The Madonna with St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Martin of Tours (c. 1490-1493) is a painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Filippino Lippi. It is housed in the church of Santo Spirito of Florence.

The painting is also known as Pala de' Nerli from the name of the commissioners, Tanai de' Nerli and his wife Nanna, which are portrayed at the sides as donors. the choice of the saints is also connected to the personality of Nerli, who was particularly devoted to St. Catherine (he baptized his daughter with her name) and was a member of the Company of San Martino de' Buonomini.

The background is an influence from the Flemish school but also from the ancient architecture. Several scholars have dated it to 1494 due to an alleged reference to the presence of Charles VIII of France in the city. However, the numerous decorations hinting to the classical antiquities (the frieze in the loggia's pilasters, the goat head on the Virgin's seat and the frieze with the fight of the Tritons) would place it soon after his return from Rome.

Behind the loggia is an unusual veduta of Florence with the Gate or Porta San Frediano (or San Niccolò) and de' Nerli's palace. The commissioner is portrayed at the latter's door while hugging his daughter in front of his wife, while a groom cares his horse. The angels on the wall above the openings represent the baby Saint John the Baptist.