Madou metro station

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(STIB-MIVB) Panneau Madou.png
Location Madouplein, Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Coordinates 50°50′59″N 4°22′08″E / 50.84972°N 4.36889°E / 50.84972; 4.36889Coordinates: 50°50′59″N 4°22′08″E / 50.84972°N 4.36889°E / 50.84972; 4.36889
Owned by STIB/MIVB
Preceding station   Brussels Metro   Following station
Line 2
Line 6

The Madou metro station is a Brussels metro station on the northern segment of line 2. It opened on 20 December 1970, then serving a premetro line, and became a heavy metro station when this line was converted on 2 October 1988. The station is located under the small ring at Madou Plaza in the municipality of the Saint-Josse-ten-Noode. It is near the Flemish Parliament and Madou Plaza Tower.