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MadPod is a podcast company started in late 2004. The company formed as MadlyMedia, and later changed its name to Madpod in January 2005. It was founded by New Media creator and producer James A. Donnelly.[1] Traveling to New York City and joining the NYC Podcasting Group, with such member as co-founder Scott Heiferman, Frank Edward Nora- The Overnightscape and Rocketboom's creator Andrew Baron and former host Amanda Congdon, and Founder Mike Hudack. produces a variety of podcasts, including: PetsOnBoard, Dummycast, and Techy2. Their show was one of the first to become part of Adam Curry's PodShow network.


Donnelly started his career at WNEP-TV, New York Times, working his way up to Producer for PM Magazine. During that time Donnelly produced video for Harvey Weinstein and brother Bob Weinstein, Miramax Films, early in their career for their film Playing for Keeps (1986).[citation needed]

Donnelly created, an online pet adoption site, in 1996 with local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.[citation needed]

Donnelly later produced videos for the band The Badlees A&M Records, and featured an interactive video on their CD. He later found a new career as a video compression-ist at Ritek Studios now Digital Deluxe, working on such DVDs as Shrek, Artificial Intelligence and Jurassic Park 3.[citation needed]

Donnelly started New Media Business Madlymedia with Jerry Seltzer. Seltzer was the second and final owner of the original Roller Derby league Seltzer founded BASS Tickets, a San Francisco Bay Area concert ticket service. Later, he was a vice president with Ticketmaster.

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