Madrasa El Bachia

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Entrance of the madrasa

Madrasa El Bachia (Arabic: المدرسة الباشية‎) is one of the madrasahs of the medina of Tunis, located in the Booksellers Street,[1] near the Al-Zaytuna Mosque, and in front of the Guachachine Hammam.


Courtyard of the madrasa

Madrasa El Bachia was built in 1752 during the reign of the Husainid Abu l-Hasan Ali I. It was dedicated to the Hanafi education.[1]

In the 1980s, and with the help of the ministry of Vocational Training and Employment, the madrasa was re-established once more as a training center.[1]


The madrasa had 13 rooms for students, a prayer room and a library.[1] It has also a public fountain close to the entrance, added later for the visitors.

The building showcases the classical architecture of a madrasa: the courtyard gives access to the rooms through porticos surrounding three sides while the fourth gave access to the prayer room and the library.


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