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Madrid Central markings on the ground indicating the entrance to its boundaries.

Madrid Central is a Residential Priority Area (APR) located in the center of Madrid. It was inaugurated on November 30, 2018.


Councilors of the town hall on the day of the inauguration in the Plaza de Pedro Zerolo. 

Approved by the Governing Board of the City Council of Madrid on October 29, 2018,[1] its inauguration was initially scheduled for November 23, 2018, but was delayed until November 30, 2018 due to the request of the Business Confederation of Madrid-CEOE so that the implementation of the protocol did not coincide with Black Friday.[2][3]

With the exception of residents and guests, vehicle traffic was restricted to electric or hybrid vehicles,[4] with a transitory period until 2020 with additional access of diesel and gasoline vehicles on condition of parking in a parking space

In March 2019, the Technichal University of Madrid published some estimates showing how harmful gas emissions (CO2, NO2 ...) had fallen in the area that comprised the Madrid Central area.[5][6]


The perimeter of Madrid Central, an area of 472 hectares,[7] is formed by Alberto Aguilera Street, Carranza Street, Sagasta Street, Genoa Street, Paseo de Recoletos, Paseo del Prado, Ronda de Atocha, Ronda de Valencia, round of Toledo, Gran Vía de San Francisco, Bailén street, Plaza de España, Princesa street and Serrano Jover street.[8]


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