Madrid Skylitzes

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Depiction of Greek fire in the Madrid Skylitzes
Depiction of the baptism of Boris I of Bulgaria
Meeting between Emperor John Tzimiskes and Sviatoslav I of Kiev
Serbs massacre the Byzantines in the mountain passes at the Battle of Bar

The Madrid Skylitzes is a twelfth century illuminated manuscript version of the Synopsis of Histories (Greek: Σύνοψις Ἱστοριῶν, Byzantine Greek: [ˈsy̜.nop.sisˈon]), by John Skylitzes, which covers the reigns of the Byzantine emperors from the death of Nicephorus I in 811 to the deposition of Michael VI in 1057.[1] The manuscript was produced at the Norman court of Palermo in Sicily and is now housed in the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid. It remains the only preserved Greek-language illustrated chronicle from the Byzantine period.[2] The chronicle includes 574 miniatures detailing depictions of everyday life in the Byzantine Empire such as boats, literary practices, sieges, and ceremonies,[1] in "both purely Byzantine and Western styles while also reflecting Islamic elements".[3]


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