Madrid motorcycle Grand Prix

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Madrid Grand Prix
Circuito Permanente del Jarama.svg
Grand Prix motorcycle racing
VenueCircuito del Jarama
First race1998
Last race1998
Most wins (rider)Lucio Cecchinello, Carlos Checa, Tetsuya Harada (1)
Most wins (manufacturer)Honda (2)

The Madrid motorcycle Grand Prix was a one-off motorcycling event that was part of the 1998 Grand Prix motorcycle racing season, held to replace the Portuguese Grand Prix due to homologation issues of the Autódromo do Estoril.


Year Track 125 cc 250 cc 500 cc Report
Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer Rider Manufacturer
1998 Jarama Italy Lucio Cecchinello Honda Japan Tetsuya Harada Aprilia Spain Carlos Checa Honda Report

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