Kuna de Madugandí

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Location of Kuna de Madugandí in Panama

Kuna de Madugandi (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈkuna ðe maðuˈɣandi]) is a comarca in Panamá. It was created in 1996 from the east part of the province of Panamá, in the district of Chepo. The primary ethnicity is Kuna.

The comarca is not divided into districts; but is divided into 12 communities: Akua Yala, Ibedí, Pintupu, Icandí, Piria, Cuinupdi, Nargandí, Ogobnawila, Diwar Sikua, Capandi and Tabardi. Its capital is Akua Yala.

Its area is 2318.8 km2 and is located near the Bayano River.

Coordinates: 9°14′31″N 78°13′12″W / 9.242°N 78.220°W / 9.242; -78.220