Madura Strait

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Indonesian: Selat Madura
Madura Topography.png
Madura Strait separates islands of Java and Madura.
Madura is located in Indonesia
Coordinates7°33′45″S 112°55′54″E / 7.56250°S 112.93167°E / -7.56250; 112.93167Coordinates: 7°33′45″S 112°55′54″E / 7.56250°S 112.93167°E / -7.56250; 112.93167
Basin countries Indonesia
ReferencesSelat Madura: Indonesia National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

Madura Strait is a stretch of water that separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Madura, in the province of East Java. The islands of Kambing, Giliraja, Genteng, and Ketapang lie in the Strait.

The Suramadu Bridge, the longest in Indonesia, spans the strait between Surabaya on Java and Bangkalan on Madura.[1]

Madura Strait ferry


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