Mae Ramat District

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Mae Ramat
Amphoe location in Tak Province
Amphoe location in Tak Province
Coordinates: 16°58′59″N 98°31′1″E / 16.98306°N 98.51694°E / 16.98306; 98.51694Coordinates: 16°58′59″N 98°31′1″E / 16.98306°N 98.51694°E / 16.98306; 98.51694
Country  Thailand
Province Tak
 • Total 1,475.5 km2 (569.7 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 44,798
 • Density 30.4/km2 (79/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code 63140
Geocode 6304

Mae Ramat (Thai: แม่ระมาด, pronounced [mɛ̂ː rā.mâːt]) is a district (amphoe) in the northwestern part of Tak Province, western Thailand.


The area of Mae Ramat was occupied by Karen people for 100 years. Many people from northern provinces of Thailand moved to establish a new village there. Later the village grew bigger and became the Tambon Mae Ramat. The government upgraded the tambon to a minor district (king amphoe) in 1897. It was upgraded to a full district in 1951.


Neighboring districts are (from the northwest clockwise) Tha Song Yang of Tak Province, Omkoi of Chiang Mai Province, Sam Ngao, Ban Tak, Mueang Tak and Mae Sot of Tak Province again, and Kayin State of Myanmar.

Khun Phra Wo National Park (อุทยานแห่งชาติขุนพระวอ) is in Mae Ramat district.

The important river of the district is the Mae Ramat River.


The district is subdivided into six subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 57 villages (muban). There are two townships (thesaban tambon) in the district, Mae Ramat and Mae Chao Rao, each covering parts of the same-named tambon. There are further six tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

1. Mae Ramat แม่ระมาด
2. Mae Charao แม่จะเรา
3. Khane Chue ขะเนจื้อ
4. Mae Tuen แม่ตื่น
5. Sam Muen สามหมื่น
6. Phra That พระธาตุ

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