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Männerchor or Maennerchor (German pronunciation: [ˈmɛnɐˌkoːɐ̯], "men's chorus") is the name given to German social clubs, primarily in the northeastern United States, Pennsylvania in particular. The earliest forms of these clubs where "singing societies" that perpetuated traditional choral music, both German and German-American culture, providing Gemuetlichkeit for new immigrants. Such clubs are typically attended by men and many function as a restaurant and bar, serving German foods and beers.

A Maennerchor was established in Cincinnati in 1857 with the merging of the Liedertafel, the Saengerbund and the Germanic Societies;[1] it was the oldest musical organization of the city.[2] The Indianapolis Maennerchor. founded in 1854 in Indianapolis, Indiana, is another such organization.[3]

The Damenchor often serves as the Maennerchor auxiliary for women.

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