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Maera can refer to:

Mythology and religion[edit]

  • The name Maera or Maira is used by several beings in Greek mythology:
    • Maera (hound), hound of Icarius, was turned into the dog star
    • Maera, daughter of Proetus the son of Thersander, mother of Locrus by Zeus
    • Maera, daughter of Atlas, wife of Tegeates
    • Maera, one of the Nereids, daughters of Nereus and Doris
    • Maera, one of the four daughters of the river god Erasinus, along with Anchirhoe, Byze and Melite. They are associated with Britomartis.
  • Maera or Mæra, an alternative name for Mara, a demon in Buddhist teachings.



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