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Maesilcheong (plum syrup) (prunus mume).jpg
Alternative names Plum syrup
Type Cheong, syrup
Place of origin Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Korean name
Hangul 매실청
Hanja 梅實淸
Revised Romanization maesil-cheong
McCune–Reischauer maesil-ch'ǒng
IPA [mɛ.ɕil.tɕʰʌŋ]

Maesil-cheong (매실청; 梅實淸), also called plum syrup, is an anti-microbial syrup made by sugaring ripe plums (Prunus mume). In Korean cuisine, maesil-cheong is used as a condiment and sugar substitute. The tea made by mixing water with maesil-cheong is called maesil-cha (plum tea).


It can be made by simply mixing plums and sugar together, and then leaving them for about 100 days.[1] To make syrup, the ratio of sugar to plum should be at least 1:1 to prevent fermentation, by which the liquid may turn into wine.[2] The plums can be removed after 100 days, and the syrup can be consumed right away, or mature for a year or more.[1]

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