Maeve Harris

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Maeve Harris
Born Maeve Harris
(1976-09-01) September 1, 1976 (age 40)
New Jersey, United States
Nationality American
Known for Painting
Notable work Wonder Woman[1]
Movement abstract art

Maeve Harris (born September 1, 1976) is a Seattle-based American abstract painter noted for merging "nature and the abstract".[2][3]


Her paintings were featured prominently on episodes of the TV show Celebrity Apprentice.[2][4] Her paintings have appeared in posters.[5][6] She was represented by New Era in 2002[3] and exclusively by Grand Image Limited in 2003 and 2005.[7][8][9][10] Her paintings are abstract renditions of outdoor natural scenes including dragonflies, ponies, and flowers.[6] She commented: “An important element in my work is beauty. I believe that concept or idea can interest the viewer as long as the artist is sensitive to aesthetic.”[11] She uses a variety of inks and pigments to mix color and light into different natural and organic forms.[3] She uses rollers and spray cans as well as brushes.

In 2008, her paintings appeared in seven locations on the set of the NBC TV show Celebrity Apprentice, including a "huge abstract in The Donald's boardroom that was right behind everyone as they got fired."[4] Harris said she was happy about the exposure but did not always have time to catch the show: "I have five children," she explained, "so when I can, I do."[4] She paints in Pioneer Square Studio and belongs to the national online art gallery Artaissance.[2] She was born in New Jersey.


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