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Mafia is a term used to refer to certain kinds of ethnic-, family- or culture-based organized crime enterprises. However, the term originally applied only to the Sicilian Mafia, and when used alone and without any qualifier, "Mafia" or "the Mafia" typically refers to either the Sicilian Mafia or its American offshoot, the Italian-American Mafia, and may also refer to Italian organized crime in general. It may also refer to:


Film and television[edit]



Groups and organizations[edit]

  • Berkeley Mafia, a group of Indonesian economists
  • Bomber Mafia, a close-knit group of American military men who believed that long-range heavy bomber aircraft in large numbers were able to win a war
  • Lesbian Sex Mafia, a New York City group for the support of alternative culture women
  • Memphis Mafia, a group of associates of Elvis Presley from 1954 until he died
  • Scottish mafia, a pejorative term for a group of Scottish politicians supposedly in control of the British government in the recent Labour administrations
  • The Main Event Mafia (M.E.M.), a professional wrestling stable

Other uses[edit]

  • Gay Mafia, or Velvet Mafia, is a pejorative term for the amalgamation of gay rights groups in politics and the media
  • Kiambu Mafia, people from Kenya's Kiambu District
  • Mafia Island, part of Tanzania's Zanzibar Archipelago

See also[edit]

  • Mafic, a geological / mineralogical term